Knowing that often mental health concerns bring people into the legal system due to various behavioral issues, we provide a variety of evaluations for this purpose. 

All evaluations are CASH ONLY. 

They can be performed online but in-person is preferred.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Evaluations are required as part of court proceedings following an arrest charge for being under the influence and driving. The evaluation includes meeting with a provider to complete a standardized assessment, completing a drug screen, assessments, and having provider contact your references. All services are provided by an OASAS approved provider. Cost: 400$ for evaluation, which includes urinary analysis (50$). Hourly rate for treatment.

Mental Health Evaluations include comprehensive screening or assessment for court ordered evaluations including addiction and recovery evaluations. Cost: 500$ for evaluation. Hourly rate for treatment.

Anger Management Evaluations are provided by a Certified Anger Management provider. After the assessment, individual sessions can be scheduled to complete needed treatment. Cost: 350$ for evaluation. Hourly rate for treatment.