Trauma-informed treatment for PTSD, addiction, anxieties, depression, panic, and developmental or spiritual related life issues.

Private pay or out of network only. 125$ an hr

Office of Victim Services claims accepted

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Tele-Health Available in New York State

EMDRIA Approved Consultant


Certified Anger Management Provider

Individual sessions available only

$300 for Evaluation

*Cash Only*

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Recovery Services

Help enrich or help create a fulfilling and rewarding recovery. Includes yearly check-ups, groups, workshops, and supportive community.

Per Agreement

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Psychedelic Integration

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OASAS DWI Evaluations

$400 *Cash Only* ($50 is for urinary analysis) Includes comprehensive screening or assessment.

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Employee Assistance Program

Provides psychological access for employers, employees, and their families for when outside life impacts work.

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Intensive Trauma Resolution Retreats Through TI&CTI

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Sampo Expressive Arts

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What Happens When You Make Contact

First, it is confidential. We will briefly discuss your situation. If it is something that I can provide services for, we will set a time and meet. If it is not something that I can help with, I will gladly give referrals or suggestions. If it is something that I can help with, I will send you, via email, some paperwork for you to review before our first session so you can ask questions before committing.