Recovery Warriors Group

Recovery Warrior Group

Recovery is the active lifestyle of maintaining one's health and engaging in recovery community. Research shows that after 5 years of sustained recovery, rates of problematic behaviors are significantly reduced. So, this group was designed to help make sure that you get to your 5-year mark.

What is the Recovery Warrior Group?

Answer: A supportive community is for those who are looking to retain their recovery lifestyle through healthy maintenance i.e. Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Expressive Arts, Breathwork, Stress Reduction, Trauma Resolution maintenance*, and complements Self-Help recovery.

Due to the nature of this group, it is a closed therapy group, which means that there are certain criteria that one must have to attend. If you are interested in hearing more please CONTACT US to register.

*Recovery Warrior Group is rooted in the trauma resolution methods of EMDR, Progressive Counting, Brainspotting but also somatic processing and the ancient forms of trauma resolution i.e. art, music, meditation, Yoga, and Breathwork.

Who are Recovery Warriors?

Answer: Anyone who identifies in recovery and recognizes that a recovery-based lifestyle is worth pursuing can commit. More specifically, people who identify as in recovery from any form of trauma or self-abuse. 

This group was created to for people returning home from treatment, are actively engaged in treatment services, completed trauma resolution phase, and/or are looking for community-based recovery services. It is a therapy aftercare group and is meant to empower a healthy transition back to their everyday life and/or help maintain their recovery lifestyle.

Why Recovery Warriors?

Answer: Empowerment through understanding, knowledge, trauma resolution, and recovery community.


Why a Recovery Warrior Group?

Answer: Because we want you to get to that 5-year recovery mark.


The Recovery Warrior Schedule

The monthly 1.5-hour group is held the 1st Wednesday of each month from 6-7:30 EST at 160 Loomis Rd. Chatham NY 12037.


Cost: $40.00

Use of health insurance not available. Trade for Pay available through Mindful Trade.

Mindful Trade

Based on Mindfulness practices, Morita Therapy and Naikan

Informed Consent

Click HERE to review Informed Consent and Attendance Policy

Location Details

We are Non-smoking.

Please bring indoor shoe/slippers if desired. We will ask you to take off your shoes in the waiting room.

We are not able to accommodate everyone as we are not ADA approved.

Please be mindful of wearing strong fragrances, as others may have a sensitivity to them. We burn wood for heat so if you have an adversity to fire please let us know.

Cell service is sometimes limited depending on your cellular carrier but Wifi is available.

What Happens when you contact me...

First, it is confidential. We will briefly discuss your situation and payment method. If it is something that I can provide services for, we will set a time and meet. If it is not something that I can help with, I will gladly give referrals or suggestions. If it is something that I can help with, I will send you, via email, some paperwork for you to review before our first session so you can ask questions before committing.