Recovery Warriors Program

Recovery is the active lifestyle of maintaining one's health and engaging in recovery community. Research shows that after 5 years of sustained recovery, rates of relapse are significantly reduced. So this group and supportive individual sessions were designed to help make sure that you get to your 5-year mark.

Who are Recovery Warriors?

Answer: Anyone who recognizes that a recovery-based lifestyle is worth pursuing can commit. Specifically: people who identify as in recovery from any form of trauma or self-abuse. See our blog for definitions.

Recovery Warriors Program Structure

All of these stages are individually dependent on history and progress. These stages act as a rough outline.

Phase 1: Orientation - (In/Post-treatment - 1st 1-4 months of recovery.)

Phase 2: Boot Camp - (individually dependent, but typically occurs between 1-6 months of recovery and is $100 an hr.)

Phase 3: Deployment - (1st 1-12 months and consists of monthly individual and group sessions.)

Phase 4: Active Duty - (2-3 years and consists of bi-monthly individual and group sessions.)

Phase 5: Transcendence - (4-5 years and consists of quarterly individual and group sessions.)

5+ years Veteran status


$40 Group (2hr) - $80 per individual (1hr) (except phase 2) $100 (per hr) Intensive individual retreat - $200 - Intensive group workshops

Use of health insurance not available. Trade available through Mindful Trade.

Mindful Trade

Is Mindful Trade and is based on Morita Therapy, and Naikan

Informed Consent

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