Office space

Welcome to 255 Lark St. Suites and Studio!
***Acknowledging that this location/building has a particular history in our community, we understand how and why it may be triggering. 
This location may be triggering to your clientele.***

We provide office space for psychotherapist and all healers. Studio space for artists, musicians, Expressive Arts Therapist   

Join our location, either Contracted (1099) or internship.

*Amenities available: Printer, limited parking

Month-to-month or yearly lease available. 

Insurance coverage for landlord (255 Lark Street, LLC) is a requirement.

Albany Office building
Suite 4: 600-square-foot office space with two therapy rooms and waiting room.

$75 a day, depending on agreement, days renting, amount of days renting.

NFB Renting: $10 per use

(Get trained HERE (ISF NFB Only) and then we will host creating your own NFB clinic.)

BEMER Renting: $10 per use.

Internet additional $10 a day.

Suite 5: 700-square-foot space offers a mixed use space

$75-150 a day, depending on agreement, days renting, art supplies, amount of days renting… Prorated prices can be applied, depending on how many days renting. Fully stocked art studio.

As an studio (no supplies): $15 an hour.

As an art studio (with supplies): 

$25 An hour for 1-4 hour blocks.

$75 for half day for 4 hour blocks (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm)

$150 full day (12 hours) 8am-8pm. 

$200 Overnight.


Event Space (700 sq ft): Studio/Event space for 10-20 people (same suite 5).

ADA compliant. ADA bathroom available in the main building. Prorated prices can be applied.

Depending on the type of event, $100 an Hour w/ contract. 

Day price: $150 

*Deposit of half the rented amount is required.

We are also inviting clinicians who want to rent out our Neurofeedback office and equipment for their clientele. The plan would be that before you rent from us, you get trained in Neurofeedback and then you rent the office and equipment. Pricing will vary depending on amount of time and people using the equipment, but it is an option. Contact us for more details.