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7 Tips for Early Recovery

A Call to Addiction-Informed Care

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Can Addiction be Made Simple?


Local Recovery Service – Our Wellness Collective


Podcast with Adam on The Trauma Therapist Project


Addiction Professional with Dr. Jamie Marich

Demystifying Dissociation: A Clinicians Guide


Addressing Shame: The Color and Shape Set-up for EMDR Therapy


Psychedelics and EMDR

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The surprising connection between cannabis and mind-body health | Elise Keller | TEDxWindsor

Cannabis: Separating the Science from the Hype | Mara Gordon | TEDxPaloAlto

The Potential of Psychedelic Cannabis to Treat PTSD – Daniel McQueen, MA

Psychedelic Integration: Dr. Jamie Marich Interviews Adam O’Brien

Psychedelics: effects on the human brain and physiology | Simeon Keremedchiev | TEDxVarna

Psychedelics for PTSD

Cannabis TEDx

Medical Marijuana

EMDR and Psychedelics

Psychedelic Sitters School 



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