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Supports employers and employees (and their families) by providing confidential access to local psychological services. It is short-term and performed by license and credentialed professionals who are trained in meeting the needs of the client. Employers do not know who utilizes the services, unless it is a part of the mandated program. Common areas that EAP services address are: psychological needs, substance use, financial and legal issues, stress management, conflict resolution, marital discord, major life events or transitions, and general wellness.

What's Included

All services include FREE 10 minute screening, clinical assessment, case management, and wellness program



This EAP model allows you to be in control of your cost while still allowing employees to access services. Both employers and employees can utilize our Pay as you Go model. Contact for more information at adam@mutualarisingcounseling.org


Vicarious Trauma Program

This service supports both the mental health professional and first responders by using trauma resolution methods to help resolve the lingering aftereffects of their work.

Information and Price Sheet HERE.

Community EAP Program

This service supports both the employee (and families) and employer by offering "fee for service" EAP services. No contract needed.

Information and Price Sheet HERE.

Service Industry EAP Program

MAMHC EAP is opening these services specific to the local service industry to help establish and continue to create a stronger community by supporting the people (and their families) living in it.

Information and Price Sheet HERE.