Advanced EMDR Topics

Advanced Topics for EMDR Therapy

• A Mindful Approach to Healing Addiction with EMDR Therapy

• EMDR Therapy & Mindfulness: Redefining the Paradigm for Trauma-Focused Care

• Trauma, EMDR Therapy, and Addictions

(2-Day Course)

• Introduction to Expressive Arts Therapy

(with EMDR Complement)

• Mindfulness, EMDR, and Expressive Arts Therapy

• The Power of Process in Healing Trauma and Dissociation

Presentations above were developed by Dr. Jamie Marich and Institute for Creative Mindfulness (ICM)

Treating Addiction as Dissociation with EMDR Therapy by Adam O'Brien (2-Day Course)


EMDRIA and CE Credits available.

Please contact for pricing. Adam can present any of these.

Onsite/in-house presentations available.